Why You Should Start Christmas Shopping Now?

Christmas is Less than a month and, as tradition dictates, many people will soon be busy doing the Christmas shopping that will slip under the tree on the morning of December 25 ( or the evening of the 24th, depending).
December is always busy and exciting. Everyone wants to do many things before the end of the year. And many more won't begin their party preparations until a few days before Christmas.

Believe me, you won't like to go through this stress. So to get through December and enjoy the holiday season stress-free, you need to prepare now.

If you haven't started your Christmas shopping yet, you need to start now.

Check out the reasons why Buybestgear advises you should start Christmas shopping today. 

Avoid the Christmas Shipping Delay


The closer you get to the holidays, the slower the shipping is.There is nothing more frustrating than finding the perfect present for your loved one online, that too at a discounted price, only to realize that it won’t be able to arrive before Christmas. You should keep in mind that in the weeks before Christmas, online retailers are so overwhelmed with orders and unless they offer express shipping, you would regret trying to order something at the last-minute. Hence, always start the Christmas presents hunt early to find the best products at a bargain price and get them delivered with plenty of time to spare!

And if you’re ordering Buybestgear products,like E-bikes,  Scooters or others for your loved ones, be sure and order it soon to ensure your gifts arrive in time.

 EU warehouse   2-3 Business Days 7-9 Business Days
 HK warehouse  2-3 Business Days 10-15 Business Days
For pre-order products, please check the product specific description information


For example, if you would like to purchase the Engwe EP-2 Pro E-bike or Engwe S6 Scooter  as a Christmas gift, then you will need to complete your order by December 6 at the latest in order for us to arrange shipping from our European warehouse to arrive by the 24th. Failure to do so will disrupt your plans.

Or if you want to buy a GEERTOP camping tent as a Christmas gift, then you need to complete your order now so that we can arrange for it to be shipped out of our Hong Kong warehouse in time to arrive by the 24th, which is already a very tight time frame.

There are also some bike accessories, such as helmets, and Rockbros bike top tube waterproof bags, which need to be shipped from Hong Kong. Even for products shipped from the EU, we still recommend that you place your order immediately and arrive early to allow more time for preparation and inspection.

Avoid Product being Sold Out

How many times have you finally got around to ordering something online only to get that dreaded “Out of Stock” message? Sometimes you even go so far as to order it, thinking you’ve got it, only to find an email in your inbox a week later that it’s out of stock. That is beyond frustrating, especially if it’s too close to Christmas to find something else.

Get a Head Start on Wrapping

The night before Christmas can turn into a nightmare when you’re surrounded by so many things to wrap. The pressure increases if you’re invested in creatively personalizing these packages. Once you’ve unpacked your shopping bags or brought your parcels in from the front porch, it’s time to get started. Build anticipation by laying your finished packages under the tree or make them magically appear the morning of the 25th, and don’t worry about running out of tape.

Rationalize your budget

It is not uncommon for shopping centers to get crowded as the Christmas day nears. Last minute Christmas shopping is like competing with an army of shoppers to find the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones. By being proactive and starting your Christmas shopping early, you can avoid the hordes of shoppers and get your hands on the popular items to gift your family and friends before they sell out.

Save yourself from having to drive all over town on Christmas Eve. Don’t stand in outrageous lines to check out. Don’t get in a fight over the last “hot item” available in the store. Don’t spend two hours at the post office on your lunch break trying to ship everything out. Don’t blow your budget out of the water and wonder how you are going to eat for the next two months.

More time for planning other things

Shopping isn’t the only potentially stressful activity during the holidays. There are parties to attend, food to cook and cards to send. Budgeting not just your money, but your time as well, will help you keep on track amid the cookie decorating, family photo sessions and tinsel hanging


Let’s plan ahead and have a good shopping experience this year!

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