How to fix M999 error CODE for Artillery Sidewinder X2 and X1

M999 error is related to automatic leveling. Do as follows:

1.Turn on the printer.

2.Go to settings of your printer and set the parameter:

3.Confirm that there is a probe self-check.

4.Raise the Z axis a bit to make sure there is enough space.

5.Use your finger to touch  the automatic leveling probe in the process of autoleveling.

If the X axis stop going down on the moment when you touch the probe, then It may be that the auto-leveling device is crooked or the probe is crooked.

Look from the side to see if the entire auto-leveling is perpendicular to the nozzle. If it is crooked, loosen the two screws to straighten the auto-leveling and then tighten the screws.

Then restart the the Artillery Sidewinder X2 printer, the M999 ERRO code cleared.

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