Early Access to Black Friday: Nov. Savings Guide 2023

👉Join the Nov. Fest: Get ready for an incredible celebration!

Welcome to the Buybestgear Nov. 2023 Event Guide! Get ready to embark on an exciting shopping journey, and get a head start on Black Friday savings, starting Nov. 1st!

This guide will navigate you through all the fantastic events. So, buckle up, and let's dive in!


Event Name Event Time Event Type
November Sale Nov. 1 - Nov. 9 Special Offer 
Free Gift
Pre black Friday Deals Nov. 10 - Nov. 12 Time-limited sale ⭐
Spin to Win ⭐
Special Offer
Free Gift
Black Friday Sale Nov. 24 - Nov. 26

New Release ⭐
Spin to Win 
Special Offer
Free Gift

Cyber Monday Sale Nov. 27 - Nov. 30 Special Offer
Free Gift
Spin to Win

— Save Big on Special Offer — 

Join all four events this month and enjoy Black Friday prices from the 1st!
Product Sale Price(€) Deal Price(€) Save(€) Buy & Get
Lankeleisi MG600 Plus 1999 1899 100 Bag
Engwe L20 SE 949 899 50 Helmet
Engwe EP-2 Pro 999 929 70 /
Lankeleisi MG740 PLUS 1899 1799 100 Helmet
Dukawey Silvertip8 2499 2399 100 Bag

— Thrilling New Releases E-bike—

Black Friday Exclusive Zone [ Nov. 24 - Nov. 26 ]

Join us in welcoming our highly anticipated new releases!  

Product Sale Price(€) Deal Price(€) Save(€) Buy & Get
CMACEWHEEL Y20 18ah 1199 1199 0 Helmet
VAKOLE CO20 MAX 1599 1549 50 Helmet
VAKOLE Q20 1799 1699 100 Bag
Lankeleisi RX800 plus 2499 2399 100 Bag

— Special Time-limited Sale 

Pre black Friday Event Exclusive Zone [ Nov. 10 - Nov. 12 ]

Grab the deal before it's gone!

Product Sale Price(€) Deal Price(€) Save(€) Buy & Get
ENGWE Engine Pro 1479 1279 200 /
Dukawey DM530 Plus 2199 2099 100 Bag
Fafrees F28 Pro 1159 1129 30 Lock
Engwe M20 (26Ah) 1499 1299 200 /

— Engwe Brand Sale 

 [ Nov. 13 - Nov. 23 ]

Product Sale Price(€) Deal Price(€) Save(€)
Engwe ENGINE X 1299 1099 200
Engwe X24 1799 1599 200
Engwe EP-2 Pro 999 929 70
ENGWE Engine Pro 1479 1279 200
M20 13AH 1249 1049 200
M20 26AH 1499 1299 200


— Place Order & Get Free Gift 

Shop on select products and get a complimentary accessory . Upgrade your gear and enhance outdoor adventures

[Add free gift in the "Bundle Buy & Save" section on the product page]

Product Buy & Get
VAKOLE CO26 Helmet
VAKOLE Y20 Pro Helmet
Lankeleisi ES500 Pro Lock
Lankeleisi RV700 Lock
Fafrees FF20 Polar Lock

— Spin to Win Surprising Prize —

Join our special event and win amazing rewards! 

Event Name Prizes
Pre Black Friday Deals 10%、5% & other Coupons
Black Friday Sale 10%、5% & other Coupons
Free BBG Gift Pack (Worth 199 €) 
Free S500 Power Station (Worth 599 €) 
Cyber Monday Sale 10%、5% & other Coupons


1. Users can participate in the Lucky Draw once per day. (Click the gift icon on any page on Buybestgear.com to participate in it)
2. Prizes :
10% OFF Coupon, 5% OFF Coupon, 3% OFF Coupon & 2% OFF Coupon 
* Coupons are valid for 3 days after being claimed.

Ipowerflow S500 Power Station (Worth 599 €) - 5 winners!
BBG Gift Pack including Backpack, Water Bottle, Magic Towel, Mobile Phone Holder (Worth 199 €) - 50 winners!
* To redeem it, the customer's total order amount from 1st Nov. - 30th Nov. needs to be over 1500 €, or it will be considered forfeited. 
Prize will be shipped between 4th Dec. - 8th Dec. 

👉Attend our fantastic revelry!

Bookmark this page to stay updated on the latest Nov. deals! Gear up for the ultimate shopping spree! November 1st marks the beginning of Black Friday deals. Don't miss out – start saving early and enjoy incredible discounts!


------ List of winners (1/11-30/11) ------

Congratulations! Please check your email for details.
j****elritter@yahoo.com BBG Gift Pack
g****le@gmail.com BBG Gift Pack
g****uperier@cegetel.net BBG Gift Pack
h****cks@arcor.de BBG Gift Pack
m****oubet@orange.fr BBG Gift Pack
v****thome@outlook.be BBG Gift Pack
n****.leu0700@orange.fr BBG Gift Pack
b****anck69@gmail.com BBG Gift Pack
f****idrousseau@orange.fr BBG Gift Pack
a****@gmail.com BBG Gift Pack
k****lenweber1@gmail.com BBG Gift Pack
p****abeu@concamos.com BBG Gift Pack
d****enon@live.fr BBG Gift Pack
a****otmail.fr BBG Gift Pack
t****n@icloud.com BBG Gift Pack
m****troh@gmx.de BBG Gift Pack
d****mericable.fr BBG Gift Pack
c****grid@gmail.com BBG Gift Pack
e****eve@hotmail.com BBG Gift Pack
d****alat@wanadoo.fr BBG Gift Pack
e****her75@gmail.com BBG Gift Pack
v****aproye@gmail.com BBG Gift Pack
l****sterck@gmail.com BBG Gift Pack
t****laurent@gmail.com BBG Gift Pack
m****chael@gmail.com BBG Gift Pack
l****orges@hotmail.fr BBG Gift Pack
y****fissaliv.com BBG Gift Pack
j****ton@gmx.de BBG Gift Pack
a****otmail.com BBG Gift Pack
p****n@gmail.com BBG Gift Pack
p****in@yahoo.fr BBG Gift Pack
t****nula@hotmail.com S500 Power Station
j****se@gmail.com S500 Power Station
p****xj@yahoo.fr S500 Power Station
p****bf@gmail.com S500 Power Station
p****wq@yahoo.fr S500 Power Station

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