Torque Sensor vs Speed Sensor

✔️ Natural Riding Experience

Torque sensors provide a more natural and intuitive ride, as the motor assistance adjusts in response to the rider's pedaling effort.

✔️ Improved Efficiency

These bikes are generally more efficient with battery usage, as the power assistance is proportional to the rider's input.

✔️ Better Control

Riders have more control over the bike's acceleration and speed, making it ideal for varying terrains and conditions. Enhanced Fitness Benefits: Since the motor assistance is linked to pedaling effort, riders can get a better workout.

✔️ Seamless Transition

Torque sensors offer a smoother transition in motor assistance, reducing the jerkiness experienced with sudden starts and stops.

Lankeleisi MG600 Plus Fat Bike


Torque Sensor

1000W Bafang Motor

48V 20Ah Samsung Battery

Shimano 7-speed

Night Lighting System

26*4.0" Fat Tire


Deal Price: 1999,00€, 100€ OFF

Limited Sock

Vakole CO20 MAX Fat Bike


Torque Sensor

750W*2 Dual Motor

20Ah Samsung Battery

Key-Disp Smart Display

Pros of Hydraulic Disc Brakes

20*4.0" Fat Tire


Deal Price: 1699,00€, 100€ OFF

Limited Sock