How to Apply to the Ireland Bike to Work Scheme and Save Up to 52%

The Bike to Work Scheme is a tax-free bike initiative launched by the Ireland government that is beneficial to everyone. The purpose of the Bike to Work Scheme is to encourage everyone to commute by bike instead of a vehicle. According to statistics, if a person changes his daily driving commute of 6.5 kilometers to cycling, he or she will save 0.5 tonnes of CO2 each way, or 6% of their annual carbon footprint. As a well-known online retailer of electric bikes, BuyBestGear not only provides quality e-bikes and accessories but also help customers get on the Bike to Work Scheme and save 32%-52%.

How the Bike to Work Scheme works

Under the Bike to Work scheme, an employee can get a new bicycle (or bicycle accessories) under €1250 or an electric bike under €1500 (can be on sale products), it is paid by the employer, and the employee repays the cost in regular installments from their gross salary. There is no need to pay tax, PRSI or the Universal Social Charge on the repayments. 

Please note: Self-employed people are not regarded as employees unless they pay PRSI as an employee in other work. Civil or public servants can only buy from cycle shops included in this suppliers list. The motor power of the electric bike has to be 250W and the speed can not exceed 25km/h.

There are 5 steps for the Bike to Work Scheme

Step 1: The employer signs up for this scheme.

The employer can get related forms, documents and guidance here

Step 2: Choose the bike, electric bike or accessory you want, decide how much do you want to spend.

Step 3: Submit an application to the employer

Step 4: Get your new bike, ebike or accessory.

Step 5: Salary sacrifice starts, enjoy the cycling.

The payback period will be up to 12 months depending on the options that your employer provides.

How much money can I save under the Bike to Work Scheme

The Bike to Work scheme saves you money because repayments come out of your salary before tax, USC and PRSI are deducted. This means if a person pays the highest tax rate, he or she can save 52%. Get an electric bike for half the price, sounds wonderful, isn’t it?

Calculated based on Ireland's average annual income in 2021, which is €40,283, people can save €780 on a 1500-euro electric bike. Even though your salary is around €20,000 per year, you can still save €465. You can estimate the amount here

What will BuyBestGear provide for customers who want to apply for the Bike to Work Scheme

In addition to all the quality 250W electric bikes, BuyBestGear provides assistant service to customers who want to get on the Bike-to-Work scheme, helping them develop a healthier lifestyle and save money.  

It only takes 5 simple steps for BuyBestGear customers to apply for the Bike to Work Scheme

Step 1: Submit application.

Please send us an email to and tell us that you want to get on the Ride-to-Work scheme. Please include the following info in the email

  1. Are you a civil servant
  2. Your requirements for the electric bike
  3. Your company name and contact info

Step 2: Select products

After fully understanding your needs, we will recommend some electric bikes and accessories to you. If you already decided which ebike to buy, we will provide some existing sale info.

Step 3: Confirm the company info

Once the desired product has been determined, we will double check your company information and contact information with you, especially the company email used for payment. Then we will generate the order and send the Order Placed email to your company email.

Step 4: Send the invoice and wait for the payment

We will stamp the invoice and send it to your company email, then the employer can click the Order Placed email to transfer the payment when everything is confirmed.

Step 5: Send the product

The products will be sent within 48 hours (not including presale products) after the order is successfully paid.

What can I buy under the Bike to Work Scheme?

The Ride-to-Work tax-free scheme is not limited to bicycles and electric bicycles, you can buy any approved bike-related products or kits, including helmets, gloves, lights, clothes, lights, etc. If you already owned an electric bike, you don’t need to buy another one, the Ride-to-Work scheme allows buying accessories as well.

  • New bikes and pedelecs(electrically-assisted bikes that require some effort to propel)
  • Cycle helmets
  • Bells and bulb horns
  • Lights (including dynamo packs)
  • Mirrors
  • Mudguards and skirt guards
  • Cycle clips
  • Panniers, luggage carriers and straps
  • Locks and chains
  • Pumps
  • Puncture repair kits, cycle tool kits and tire sealant
  • Reflective clothing
  • Bike reflectors

If you want to know more about 250W electric bikes, please read this article

How to Choose A 250W Electric Bike


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