How to Unlock the Speed Limit of Obarter e-Scooters

To ensure safety and meet the electric scooter regulation of most European countries, Obarter electric scooters have the manufacturing default 25km/h speed limit. But some people may feel that driving on urban roads at a compliant speed is a waste of powerful motors, after all, electric scooters like Obarter X3 and Obarter X5 have two 1000W+ motors, and the maximum speed can easily reach 55-75km/h. In this article, I will show you how to unlock the speed limit of Obarter electric scooters.

Normally, the speed limit can be released by setting on the screen. However, in case you still cannot reach the maximum speed after setting on the screen, we will introduce another method to solve the speed limit in the second part.

First, let’s take a look at the position of the instrument and buttons of Obarter electric scooters.

Unlock the Speed Limit by Modifying the Default Speed Setting on the Screen

Step1: Unlock the electric scooter

Turn the key to unlock the electric scooter.

Step 2: Turn on the screen

Long press the power button to turn on the screen.

Step3: Enter the P00 setting interface.

Long press the power button and the mode button the at the same time

The P00 interface looks like this

Step 4: Enter the P08 setting interface

Long press the power button until the screen shows P08

Step 5: Enter the speed setting interface

Long press the power button, then you can edit the number “50” when the big “08” starts to blink

Step 6: Edit the speed

Press the mode button to edit the number. The mode button can be used as “+” and the power button can be used as“-”

Click the mode button until the number reaches 100

This means the scooter can reach the max speed without any limit.

Step 7: Save the setting

Long press the power button and mode button to save the setting

This interface means you have successfully unlocked the speed limit.

Unplug the Speed Cable Connector of the Controller

This is a way to remove the speed limit from the hardware level. It is a little troublesome, but it can effectively solve the problem. You need these tools when doing this:

  1. A hexagon screwdriver
  2. A 10mm nut wrench

You can find them in the multi-function tool included in the package

Step 1: Remove all the screws on the deck

Please note that you need a nut wrench and a screwdriver to remove the screws on edges.

Step 2: Find the controller

Step 3: Find the speed cable connector

It’s flat connectors with long wires

Step 4: Unplug the connector

You can reach the maximum speed after re-assemble the electric scooter.

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