Metal Enclosure for Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro: Benefits, Reviews and Why You Need It

Among all the accessories of Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro laser engraver, you may find the metal enclosure the most strange-looking one. Some people might wonder what it’s for. In fact, besides being a big metal box, the Ortur metal enclosure has so many uses and benefits that it has completely changed the user experience of Ortur laser master 2 pro laser engraving machine. In this article, I will provide the overall review of Ortur metal enclosure and share the experiences of some happy customers of it.

What is Metal Enclosure for Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro Laser Engraver?

The Ortur laser master 2 pro metal enclosure is a protective case made of steel. It is designed inclusively for Ortur laser master 2 pro laser and can not be used alone. The hole locations of the metal enclosure fit perfectly with Ortur laser master 2 pro. After putting the enclosure and the laser engraver together, they become one. You will get an enclosed and integrated version of Ortur laser master 2 pro.

Specifications and Overall Review

First, let take a look at the specifications of the Ortur laser master 2 pro metal enclosure

Material: Power coated steel plate + stainless steel plate + acrylic plate

Size: 683 x630 x312.5mm

Net Weight: 8.5kg

Big Inner Space

Compare to the length and width of Ortur laser master 2 pro, which is 600x570mm, we can see the metal enclosure is a little bigger than Ortur laser master 2 pro. The space in the enclosure not only leaves enough space for the engraving machine but also provides some expansion possibilities for users. You can install a LED light, a smart camera or any other gadgets you can think of in the metal enclosure to DIY your own smart laser engraver.

Effective Fan

Ortur laser master 2 pro metal enclosure is equipped with a fan and an exhaust pipe. They are designed to reduce the fumes in your workspace. According to the feedback of most users, the fan is very effective, you can’t smell anything if you keep the metal enclosure closed for a couple of minutes longer after the engraving is finished.

Great Appearance and Workmanship

Ortur laser master 2 pro metal enclosure is quite heavy, 8.5kg. It is made of thick steel plates, and it’s very necessary. The laser module of the laser engraving machine will emit a very high-energy laser. The thick steel plate can effectively prevent any potential fire hazard.

Thoughtful Details

After opening the metal enclosure, you can see two gas shock levers supporting the lid. This design is to prevent the cover from falling, making it easier and safer for you to open the cover. Another thoughtful design is the orange viewing glass in front and top, you can see what’s is going on in the enclosure at any time. Although it’s recommended to use goggles, the orange acrylic viewing glass protects another protection for your eyes, making Ortur laser master 2 pro even safer in your home or office.

Just as one of the buyers of Ortur laser master 2 pro metal enclosure said: “The product that we must have with a laser machine. No need to be engineer to build it. In 45 minutes the protection box was ready for a first cut. The ventilation system is perfect, good quality. My children can stay around without any problem of security.” This metal enclosure is an essential accessory for Ortur laser master 2 pro laser engraving machine and make the engraving experience safer, easier and more fun.

Why You Need A Metal Enclosure for Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro?

The metal enclosure makes the laser engraver integrated

After installing the Ortur laser master 2 pro in the metal enclosure, you get an upgraded laser engraving machine, which is streamlined, better looking, and more professional. All the engraving happens inside the enclosure, it will not affect the environment of your workspace and it isolated the high-energy laser from yourself, your colleagues, or your families.

The metal enclosure protects your eyes

Just as was mentioned above, the orange viewing glass put another protection between the laser beam and your eyes. If you just want to pay brief attention to the progress of laser engraving, the orange acrylic will provide enough protection for your eyes. It also has a certain protective effect on people who come by inadvertently. After all, you can't put goggles on everyone who is likely to see the laser beam. That’s why the metal enclosure is particularly popular among laser engraver users who own a house workshop.

The metal enclosure exhausts fumes and toxic gases

For many people who have just gotten into the world of laser engraving, the first impression of the engraving machine is that it smells and has a lot of smoke. Let’s see how much smoke is generated when you are cutting a wood board with a long-focus laser module. And if you want to engrave on a piece of leather, you won’t like the smell of the burning feather.

The metal enclosure for Ortur laser master pro is designed to solve this kind of problem. Every part of the metal enclosure fits together perfectly, so any fumes, smoke, and toxic gases will not leak out. They all stay in and are sucked out by the powerful fan. It is recommended to place the Ortur laser master 2 pro laser engraver beside the window, so you can put the other side of the exhaust pipe outside the window. This is not only beneficial to the health of users but also protects other items and instruments in the workshop and keeps the whole environment stable.

The metal enclosure ensures the safety and prevents fire

Although Ortur laser master 2 pro has multiple protections to prevent the laser beam from staying at one point for a long time, shit happens. One of the most important purposes of the metal enclosure’s existence is to keep the fire inside. In fact, this really happened to one of the BuyBestGear’s customers, according to him:”I have only recently acquired the housing. It is worth every penny and saved me from a lot of damage after just a few days. A part to be lasered caught fire. The housing has prevented the spread of the fire.”

If you have a lot of combustibles in your workplace or elsewhere, the metal enclosure is a necessity.

If you have other questions or concerns about this metal enclosure, please send an email to or chat online with us.


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