Engwe EP-2 Pro 2022 VS Engwe EP-2 Pro 2020: What Are the Differences

Engwe is famous for its budget-friendly folding electric bikes. One of its most hot selling models is Engwe EP-2 Pro, which is a fat tire ebike ideal for ebiking newbies, city commuters and outdoor sports enthusiasts. In April 2022, a new version of Engwe EP-2 Pro, Engwe EP-2 Pro 2022 (also known as Engwe EP-2 Pro UF) will be launched. Let’s take a look at what upgrades it has compared with the original version of Engwe EP-2 Pro.


Both Engwe EP-2 Pro 2022 and 2020 Are Good All-purpose Electric Bikes

First, let's review the Engwe EP-2 Pro 2020 version and see what makes it the best-selling electric bicycle of BBG in 2021. Just as one of the Engwe EP-2 Pro’s buyers said:”I am really satisfied with the build of the Engwe EP-2 pro, it's very potential in spending and comfortable riding it, I really love the sound of riding it, it just like driving Ferrari, very excellent E bike. The battery is very good and excellent, durable, I tested the maximum power speed and it was 40.3 which is incredible, just as scoter. The quality is the top among all E fat Bike in Europe here. Good quality Ebike.”

Here are the parameters of Engwe EP-2 Pro (2020 version), the red parts are upgraded in the 2022 version, we will explain them in the following contents.

Riding Modes

Pure Electric
Pedal Assist (PAS)

Wheel and Tire

4 x 20” fat tire

Braking System

Front and rare
mechanical disc braking

Motor Power


Max. Speed


Battery Capacity


Charging Time

About 6 hours

Max Torque


Max Climbing Degree


Frame Material

Aluminum Alloy

Cruise Distance per Charge

Electric mode: 40km

Assistant mode: 80km 

Gears / Variable Speed

Shimano 7 variable speed


Lockable front fork mechanical suspension+hardtail

Max load


Suitable Height

170 - 200cm




1 Year


Battery level
PAS gear
Trip distance & time
Total distance
Error code


Front and Rear LED Lights


Front and Rear

Package Size

76 x 35 x 66cm

Full Size

167 x 118cm

Folding Size

81 x 76cm

Saddle Height

81 - 102cm

Engwe EP-2 Pro 2022 Has A Upgraded Battery

When the 12.8Ah battery of Engwe EP-2 Pro 2020 is already quite impressive, Engwe EP-2 Pro 2022 updated the battery capacity to 13Ah.

Different battery cell arrangement

Bigger capacity needs more battery cells, Engwe EP-2 Pro 2022 upgraded the battery cell arrangement from 4 rows to 5 rows.

Better performance battery

Although the battery capacity of Engwe EP-2 Pro 2022 is only 0.2Ah more than Engwe EP-2 Pro 2020, the battery lasts as much as 25% longer. It’s because Engwe EP-2 Pro 2022 uses an advanced battery, it makes the electric bike ride farther.

Longer range-per-charge

Engwe EP-2 Pro 2022 is the perfect electric bike for off-road cyclists who ride 10+ kilometers each way and commuters who lives 5 kilometers away from the office. For a destination 10km away, with Engwe EP-2 Pro 2022, you can ride 5-6 back and forth without charging.

Engwe EP-2 Pro 2022

Engwe EP-2 Pro 2020

Battery Capacity




(Pure electric mode)




(Pedal assist mode)



Engwe EP-2 Pro 2022 Has Stronger Frame

Because of the bigger battery, you can see the top tube of Engwe EP-2 Pro is bigger than the 2020 version. Other than that, the aluminium alloy frame is a little thicker, making the Engwe EP-2 Pro 2022 extra strong.

Engwe EP-2 Pro 2022 is Heavier

Because of the bigger battery and stronger frame, Engwe EP-2 Pro 2022 is 1kg heavier than the 2020 version. Being a fat tire electric bike, Engwe EP-2 Pro 2020 is already quite heavy, 30.1kg. Women may need some help when moving it or putting it in the trunk.

The Price of Engwe EP-2 Pro 2022 Remains the Same

Despite the upgrades mentioned above, Engwe EP-2 Pro 2022 remains the same price as the 2020 version. As the in-depth cooperation supplier of BuyBestGear, Engwe has been committed to providing affordable entry-level electric bikes. If you are considering buying your first electric bicycle with balanced performance in all aspects, then Engwe EP-2 Pro 2022 is your perfect choice.

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