Engwe L20 SE Review: Powerful, Stable, and Extremely Reliable

This test review was written by GIOVANNI ANGIONI, thanks very much for the wonderful POST of Engwe L20 SE.

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Engwe L20 SE 250W e-bike review by GIOVANNI ANGIONI:

After an intense week of testing, I'm finally ready to share with you all my thoughts on the Engwe L20 SE 250W e-bike , a folding electric bicycle that is arousing great interest among pedal assisted bike enthusiasts.

Known for its very particular design and capable of reaching a maximum speed of 25 km/h and an impressive range of 115 km, this electric bike represents one of the most interesting models among those on the road in 2023.

Throughout this Engwe L20 SE 250W e-bike review, we'll go over all the most important elements to consider before a purchase, including:

  • Its main technical characteristics
  • The overall driving experience
  • The maximum speed
  • Battery autonomy
  • The price ratio
  • The experience with the BuyBestGear site

For this reason, whether you are interested in buying or simply want to keep up to date with the news in the world of electric mobility, this review of the Engwe L20 SE 250W will provide you with all the information you need.

Key points

  • The Engwe L20 SE is a 20′ folding electric bicycle with 250W motor and 15.6Ah battery.
  • The bike comes in three color options: black, green, and white.
  • The 250W brushless motor offers a maximum speed of 25km/h.
  • The removable 36V 15.6Ah battery offers a range of up to 115km on a single charge.

Engwe L20 SE 250W: Review and Test

If you have landed on this page, you are probably wondering if the Engwe L20 SE 250W is a good electric bicycle in terms of value for money .

Since many sites claim that it is one of the best electric bikes to ride in the city, I decided to order one and study it well by putting it to the test in one of the busiest cities in Europe : London .

To prove it, I crossed Tower Bridge at rush hour for a week.

In the following sections, we will try to make a detailed assessment of its technical characteristics, driving performance, battery life and we will compare it with other e-bikes on the market.

We'll also discuss the importance of proper bike assembly and maintenance, ensuring you get the most out of this model – should you decide the Engwe L20 SE 250W is the two-wheeler for you.

The Test: 7 Days Around London

After having tackled the London streets with the different models made available by bike sharing services in London , I decided to take advantage of a discount to try and get on the pedals of one of the e-bikes that seem to be everywhere these days: the Engwe L20SE 250W .

My review included walking around 30km a day through the streets of central London.

First, I tested it for my commute

I used the bike to get to work in a commute of around 20 minutes, passing through some of the busiest parts of the city including the roads around London Bridge station and the very famous and impressive Tower Bridge .

Before going into details and describing what my sensations were riding this e-bike model, let me say that the Engwe L20 SE is an electric bicycle that is as comfortable on dirt roads as it is on busy and fashionable roads of the City of London.

Even when I took it around Trafalgar Square (to go and eat a pizza at the ever-present 50Kalò ) and Piccadilly Circus , the Engwe L20 SE didn't fail to turn more than one person around and to capture the interest of many cyclists I was next to.

Among the moments in which I felt most proud to be riding this ebike, there was undoubtedly that of overtaking a very expensive Van Moof while pedaling along the banks of the Thames.

Technical features

Fat tyres, front suspension and frame make it incredibly stable.

To begin with, let's start in order and take a look at the technical characteristics of this bicycle, starting with its 250W motor which boasts a maximum torque of 38N.m.

It is a very silent and powerful motor , able to push without particular effort up to a maximum speed of 25km/h - as required by the electric bike legislation in Italy .

The bike's battery lasts up to 115km on a single charge ( verified ), therefore offering the possibility to go around the city without having to worry about running 'dry'.

The aluminum frame of the bike is comfortable and easy to handle, suitable for cyclists of different heights – also the extraordinary solidity of this bike translates into a bit heavy weight for a folding bike .

The sturdy 20*3.0 fat tires provide truly amazing stability as well as excellent grip on all types of terrain I tested (asphalt, cobblestones, gravel, dirt, grass), improving the overall driving experience in a way that few other bikes in its class can do that.

Full speed

Easy to fold, it can be stored in very little space.

Before discussing the maximum speed of the Engwe L20 SE it is necessary to make a premise: this bicycle is clearly capable of going much faster than is allowed on Italian roads

Although it is legally limited to a maximum speed of 25km/h, a heart beats inside the Engwe L20 SE capable of making it go to much higher speeds.

By pressing the buttons on the handlebars in a particular sequence, I managed to temporarily remove the speed limiter by making the most of the power of its engine.

Although I strongly advise against unlocking the Engwe L20 SE e-bike since this would contravene speed limit regulations and could create serious risks for your safety, my action has allowed me to better test its capabilities, making it reach a maximum speed of 40 km per hour

In this sense, comparing the power of the L20 SE motor with other folding e-bikes makes it one of the most powerful in its category.

Although the 25 km/h limit remains a limit to follow, the fact that the Engwe bike is able to reach a speed equal to almost double that imposed is a very important factor.

In fact, this bike has enough power to allow it to better support even the most difficult efforts, whether you are climbing very steep hills or you want a good reaction capacity when you start at the traffic lights.

Driving Mode

Although there are multiple levels, the best assistance is between 4 and 5.

When it comes to riding modes, this e-bike gives you three options: pedal assistance, all-electric (to be activated), and manual.

Assisted Pedaling

The pedal assistance mode offers five levels of assistance , offering the perfect balance between pedaling and electric motor assistance.

Levels 1 -3 are great for conserving battery life while still offering a little extra boost when needed.

Personally, I have found myself using levels 4 and 5 almost exclusively since they are the ones that offer the most boost.

Even if these can decrease battery life and therefore the overall autonomy of the bicycle, I think they are the most suitable for getting around the city and in situations where traffic requires us to move quickly and react quickly to the situations we find around us.

Electric mode

The all-electric mode, controlled by the accelerator on the right handlebar , allows you to go around at a maximum speed of 25km/h without the need to pedal .

Using this function, the Engwe L20 SE transforms itself completely into a (very comfortable) electric scooter . It's absolutely perfect when you need to rest but still want to keep moving.

However, it must be said that, at least initially, the fully electric mode is not present in the Engwe L20 SE e-bike - since it requires activation by the user.

Also in this case the choice is justified by the different rules imposed on pedal assisted bikes around Europe – even if the accelerator is a useful function, especially when starting uphill.

How to Activate the Accelerator of the Engwe L20 SE

The brake and accelerator to use for unlocking.

To activate the throttle grip of the Engwe L20 SE electric bike:

  1. When the bike is off, insert the key as if you were going to turn it on.
  2. Before turning it on, turn the throttle all the way and hold the front brake.
  3. While holding the accelerator and brake, turn on the bike.
  4. Once started, the screen will show an error indication.
  5. Continue to hold the accelerator and brake for 10 seconds while the number 5 flashes on the display.
  6. Done. At this point he would have activated the electric mode of the bicycle.

Manual mode

Finally, the manual mode allows you to ride the Engwe L20 SE like a normal bicycle, without electric assistance.

Considering the bike's weight of 32 kg and the fact that this model still costs around €1,000, I don't see a particular reason for having to use it often in manual mode.

The fact that it works even without the pedal assistance is still a good thing, since it offers us an 'emergency' mode to use in case you find yourself with a flat battery before arriving at your destination

Driving experience

Compared to the small Navigata, the Engwe is EXTREMELY more stable.

If the power of the engine made me think I had a high-level bicycle between my legs, the riding experience is what won me over the most.

The Engwe L20 SE is one of the most comfortable bikes I've ever ridden . The front suspension and fat tires allow you to tackle rough terrain, pedal on cobblestones and cobblestones, and attack the dreadful potholes of the London asphalt without any stability problems.

At the same time, the saddle is so comfortable that it makes you think you're sitting in an armchair at home.

The driving position also contributes to maintaining the top-level experience.

The fact of being able to keep both the handlebar and the saddle high enough means that you can ride keeping your back straight , which – those used to gravel ebikes or racing ebikes know very well – means avoiding annoying back pain.

The disc brakes offer reliable stopping power, and they also performed perfectly when I tested them in emergency situations – with hard braking when the bike was hurtling at 25km/h.

One thing that surprises a lot, is also the ease of handling of the bike. I found this model very easy to drive and very responsive, despite an overall solidity that might lead one to think otherwise.

In general, the more I continued to use the Engwe L20 SE and get around town, the more I got the impression of riding the equivalent of an SUV on two wheels.

This is because the Engwe L20 SE is a powerful , comfortable, reliable, and extremely solid folding electric bike .

Controls and LCD Display

The convenient display allows you to keep everything under control.

The handlebar of the Engwe L20 SE is where all the useful commands are found to make the most of the power of this two-wheeler.

If on the right side we find the throttle grip and the Shimano seven-speed gear levers, things get much more interesting when we move to the left – where we find the buttons to increase or decrease the motor assistance level, a button to turn on the lights, and one to navigate within its menu.

Exactly in the center of the handlebar we find the LCD color screen. This allows you to monitor all the most important elements of the electric bicycle and our rides.

If the main part of the display (which can be seen very well even in daylight) is dedicated to monitoring speed and the level of active electric assistance, this can also be used for useful statistics such as battery level, total kilometers traveled during a single journey, or the total distance covered by the bicycle in general.

The menu is also used to show error messages in the event of malfunctions and to customize the experience of the Engwe L20 SE by personalizing both the information displayed on the menu and elements such as the maximum speed set to the engine.

The engine

The silent 250w motor and the rear sprocket.

Let's now dive into the heart of this electric bicycle: the engine.

The Engwe L20 SE 250W is equipped with an extremely quiet 250W brushless motor with a maximum torque of 38N.m. This is the strength that gives you that quick acceleration and rugged hill climbing.

Combined with a 36V 15.6Ah battery, the bicycle can reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h, offering an exhilarating experience both in the city and on off-road dirt tracks.

Battery life

115km on one charge. Wow.

After having the opportunity to try the Engwe L20 SE electric bike, I can confidently say that its 48V 13Ah battery (removable) is a real highlight. In terms of capacity and durability, it exceeds expectations.

During my tests, I have found that in assisted mode, a single charge can offer a remarkable range, estimated up to 115 km, allowing me to travel without interruptions. Even though I was driving exclusively in electric mode, the range still remained substantial.

I was struck by the relatively short charge time, with only about 5 hours needed for a full charge . That means less time waiting and more time exploring on two wheels.

The battery, together with the comfortable riding position and the powerful motor, made my experience with the Engwe L20 SE a very pleasant one. Despite its somewhat heavy weight and speed limits in assist mode, the bike proved to have plenty of power and good load capacity.


The Engwe L20 SE offers a very high value for money.

When it comes to strengths, this e-bike has them in abundance – which is why it has become my everyday commute bike.

First of all, the performances are impressive, with a 250W motor that allows me to reach a maximum speed of 25km/h and a stability guaranteed by the frame, front shock absorber, and fat wheels.

Battery life is another highlight. With a 36V 15.6Ah battery, I can travel up to 115km on a single charge. This is true freedom!

And let's talk about the price. For the features it offers, it's really a bargain and fully deserves all the praise it gets for offering extremely high value for money.

At under $1,000 and with free fast shipping , this is by far one of the best electric bikes for sale at Buy Best Gear.


Despite its many advantages, it is fair to mention a few disadvantages that could affect your driving experience.

Although it is a folding electric bike, the Engwe L20 SE is a bit heavy and I don't think it is the most suitable model for those who want to carry it around between buses and subways.

Other than that, I have to say that the instruction manual is written in pretty rough language.

Luckily the bike arrives almost completely assembled and the work to be done is very simple – because otherwise I think basing the process on the indications provided in the instruction booklet would have been a small problem.

Selling price

Let's talk about money. In the vast world of electric bicycles, the Engwe L20 SE 250W stands out not only for its performance and versatility, but also for its price. Available at a list price of €999.00 , this e-bike offers incredible value for the price.

My personal experience with the Engwe L20 SE 250W has allowed me to appreciate its comfort and versatility. It's great for getting to your destination without breaking a sweat and offers excellent load capacity, making it ideal for both your daily commute and errands.

Considering the quality, performance and affordability of the Engwe L20 SE 250W, the price of €999.00 is a real bargain.

If you are looking for a powerful and comfortable e-bike that does not cost the earth, I highly recommend you consider the Engwe.

Shipping and Assembly

Here is the bike – ready to assemble.

Buy Best Gear is notoriously a very quick site to ship bikes as they use depots in Europe. Mine, for example, arrived from Poland with online tracking in just three working days.

The express courier left me an Engwe branded box which contains the bike and some essential accessories.

The Engwe L20 SE bicycle arrives almost 90% assembled. What remains to be done is:

  • remove the protections placed around the frame,
  • screw the pedals,
  • mount the seat,
  • connect the front wheel,
  • fix the front fender,
  • attach the luggage rack (which can be fitted either front or rear depending on your preference),
  • screw in the front light.

From the box to the road in less than 30 minutes.

The whole process, for which you can easily use the tools included in the package, takes no more than half an hour and can easily be completed by one person.

The only difficulty I had while was figuring out whether to mount the front basket first or the fender. Now that I know, I'll tell you right away that the mudguard goes last .

Overall, however, the experience with the shipment has been more than positive. The express courier called me to agree on the day and time of delivery and assembling the bike was really easy.

Having a small portable compressor at home also allowed me to inflate the tires correctly in less than a minute and without any effort.

The verdict

Engwe L20 SE 250W Folding Electric Bike really impressed me.

During the first seven days of testing, it proved to be a reliable and extremely comfortable companion for all city journeys and for the occasional longer weekend outings.

It immediately replaced my Navigata as an electric bike for getting to work and I think it offers a very high value for money for those looking for a comfortable and safe ebike to use in the city. Rarely have I ridden electric bikes as stable as this one.



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    Livraison rapide, très beau colis arrive en très bon état ? Tres beau et super velo avec les accessoires faciles à monter impeccable ? Sauf la sonnette inaudible on peut faire mieux !! Merci Engwe.

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    Ich finde es auch sehr gut ich 73jJahre werde es mir auch bestellen mir gefällt es sehr gut mfg W.straube

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