Black Friday Guide 2021: Save Big in BuyBestGear

The black Friday shopping season is finally coming! If you want to get the best deal (like everyone else does), it's important to know what to expect ahead of time. Here is the ultimate Black Friday shopping guide which will help you save big in Don’t miss out on the biggest deals of the season!

Black Friday Time Table

There is no need to hold off until Black Friday. BuyBestGear’s Black Friday shopping party starts on November 22(UTC+8).

Nov. 22th (UTC+8) 0:00 - Nov. 25th (UTC+8) 0:00: Early Bird Coupons

Nov. 25th (UTC+8) 0:00 - Nov. 28th (UTC+8) 0:00: Black Friday 3-day Money-saving Carnival

Nov. 28th (UTC+8) 0:00 - Nov. 30th (UTC+8) 0:00: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

Early Bird Coupons (Nov. 22th - Nov. 24th)

In BuyBestGear, the early bird gets...COUPONS! 

Starting from November 22, our new user coupon savings will increase from 2% to 3% until November 30. Of course, BuyBestGear will never forget the loyal customers who have always supported us. If you order the following hot-selling products between Nov. 22th and Nov.24th, you can save up to € 700.00 with early bird coupons. Please note that new user coupons and early bird coupons can not be used at the same time.

Product Original Price Early Bird Price Saving Coupon Code
Engwe Engine Pro Electric Bike € 1,899.99 € 1,199.99 € 700.00


Fafrees KRE 27.5 Electric Bike € 959.99 € 837.99 € 122.00


Hubsan Zino Mini SE RC Drone € 498.81 € 339.99 € 158.82


Qidi X-Max 3D Printer € 1,215.47 € 919.99 € 295.48


Bezior XF200 Electric Bike € 1,524.76 € 1,249.99 € 274.47



For the buyers who are interested in other products, we offer Black Friday Coupons from November 22 to November 30, up to 100 Euros! Please note that all these coupons can not be used at the same time.

3% off

New User Coupon





For Orders above €500


(Can not be used with new user coupon)





For Orders above €1000


(Can not be used with new user coupon)





For Orders above €1500


(Can not be used with new user coupon)


The 3-day Money-saving Carnival (Nov. 25th - Nov. 27th)

Top Sellers Markdown: Let’s save up to €200!

Starting from November 25, in addition to using coupons, you can also enjoy substantial discounts on BuyBestGear top sellers.


Original Price

Sales Price

Black Friday Price



Engwe Engine Pro Electric Bike

€ 1,899.99

€ 1,459.99

€ 1,199.99


€ 700.00

Hubsan Zino Mini SE RC Drone

€ 498.81

€ 419.99

€ 339.99


€ 158.82

Viomi S9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

€ 618.01

€ 469.99

€ 449.99


€ 168.02

KF101 GPS RC Drone

€ 204.99

€ 155.99

€ 149.99


€ 55.00

Bezior X1500 Electric Bike

€ 1,783.00

€ 1,359.99

€ 1,345.99


€ 437.01

Qidi X-Max 3D Printer

€ 1,215.47

€ 999.99

€ 919.99


€ 295.48

KOSPET Magic 4 Smart Watch

€ 35.99

€ 35.99

€ 28.99


€ 7.00

Bezior XF200 Electric Bike

€ 1,524.76

€ 1,299.99

€ 1,249.99


€ 274.77

Fafrees KRE 27.5 Electric Bike

€ 959.99

€ 959.99

€ 837.99


€ 122.00


Black Friday Giveaway (Nov. 22th - Nov. 30th)

1 Free Gift for Trustpilot Reviewers

Like the well-known review website, Trustpilot always said, your experience matters!

During the Black Friday and Cyber Mondy sale, writing your reviews about BuyBestGear on Trustpilot not only helps other buyers make better decisions but also gets yourself a chance to win a quality smartwatch for FREE! We will pick 1 random winner from the buyers who left us a review on, and send a Kospet Magic 4 smartwatch (original price €35.99) for FREE!

1 Free Gift for Facebook Sharers

Share your experience or the giveaway with the hashtag #buybestgear on Facebook, we will pick the sharer who gets the most likes and send 1 KOSPET Magic 4 SmartWatch as free gift. 

3 Free Gift for BuyBestGear Buyers

Place orders on BuyBestGear and pay between Nov.22th-30th, we will pick 3 random winners and send free KOSPET Magic 4 smartwatches.

The result will be announced on Dec. 1st, 2021. Follow our Facebook page and stay tuned for more discounts and deals.

------December 1st update------

Good news! We've got 5 winners for the Black Friday Giveaway










Congratulations! Lucky winners, please pay attention to your inbox, our customer service will send a winning notice. The prize will also be sent out soon. Don't forget to share it via Facebook after receiving KOSPET Magic 4 smartwatches and share your luck with friends.

In Summary

When will BuyBestGear Black Friday sales start?

It starts on Nov.22, 2021(UTC+8).

How long do BuyBestGear Black Friday sales last?

It lasts 9 days, from Nov.22 to Nov.30.

What can I expect to see in BuyBestGear Black Friday Deals?

  1. New User Coupons: get3% off for your first purchase. 22-11.30, 2021
  2. Early Bird Coupons: save up to €700 for the most hot-selling products. 11.22-11.24, 2021 (Can not be used with new user coupon)
  3. Black Friday Specials: top sellers markdown, save up to € 11.25 - 11.27 (15:00 GMT+8), 2021
  4. Black Friday special coupons:save€30, €60, € 11.22-11.30, 2021 (Can not be used with new user coupon)
  5. Kospet Magic 4 smartwatch giveaway, pick 5 winners from the following buyers.
1 random winner from the buyers who left us a review on between Nov.22-30.
The most liked one who share the experience or giveaway with hashtag #buybestgear on Facebook between Nov. 22-30.
3 random winners from buyers who place orders and pay between Nov. 22-30.

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