Frequently Asked Questions - ENGWE

Hi, welcome to the FAQS about ENGWE on! Here we list a few Frequently Asked Questions with answers. Any questions are welcome via both online chat and email!


Q1: What should I do if my frame or parts broken while parcel arrived?

A: If you have frame parts problem, please contact us via and submit the damaged part photo or video in attachments, and offer us the frame code (it’s on your bike’s faucet), so that we can communicate with ENGWE support center to replace the new part for you. Detailed Warranty Chart:


Parts Name

Warranty Period

Main Parts


1 Year




Functional Parts

Front light  
Tail light

3 Months

Brake light

Mechanical brake device

Electric brake

Electric accelerator


Paint Logo  

15 Days

Decoration strip   
Foot pad


Note: Four major parts including battery, motor, controller and frame are guaranteed for one year. Free replacement during the warranty period, including postage and production costs (not including non-quality problems).


Q2: What should I do if my battery is broken or not working?

A: Attention: Do not touch the charging port with metal objects when charging the battery, otherwise it may cause a short circuit in the battery. If your battery is unfortunately damaged, please contact us via and submit the damaged battery photo or video in attachments, and offer us the battery code (It should be in the white bar code on the surface of the battery), so that we can communicate with ENGWE support center to replace the new part or change a new battery for you.


Q3: Is there any missing part of the shock absorber?

A: ENGWE’s shock absorber has two functional areas. The blue button is the switch, which is used to turn on the absorbing function, and the opposite knob is used to adjust the shock absorption strength. Please make sure to turn on the shock absorber function before adjusting the strength.


Q4: What should I do if my controller is not working?

A: If you have any controller-related problems, please send us the controller error code (usually displayed when an error occurs) via We will communicate with the ENGWE support center for solutions as soon as possible , If you can’t solve it by yourself or the controller has any hardware problems, we will replace you a new one.


Q5: Will ENGWE’s packaging be reinforced to prevent shipping damage?

A: At present, all ENGWE shipping packages have anti-damage protection measures, which generally use some fillers to reinforce the car body to prevent shaking and abrasion.


Q6: Where can I get ENGWE accessories?

A: ENGWE accessories do not support purchase now. If you have any accessories problem, please contact us, we will help you as soon as possible. 

If you have any after-sales questions, please contact: Remember to attach your order number (for example BBG1254) in the email to get better support. Our after-sales team will get in touch with you in 24 hours on business days.

You can also contact us via online chat

Best regards, The BBG Team.