The Top 5 Best Fat Tire Electric Bikes Under €1500 in 2022

Electric bicycles with wide tires are called fat tires or fatty. The tire size is normally 3.8 inches or larger, which is twice the width of typical mountain bikes. Just like I mentioned in this article, fat tire e-bikes are good at conquering complex terrains. The wide tires provide great cushioning and grip. Although fat tires tend to be more expensive than ordinary electric bikes, there are a lot of affordable yet quality fat tire electric bikes that cost you less than €1500.

The best value fat tire electric bike: Engwe EP-2 Pro 2022 Version

Engwe EP-2 Pro is no doubt the most hot-selling electric bike in BuyBestGear in 2021. In 2022, Engwe decided to push its product quality to another level and launched the 2022 version of Engwe EP-2 Pro. Although in terms of numbers, changing from 12.8Ah to 13Ah seems not so impressive, the battery has been significantly upgraded. That’s why the maximum range per charge is greatly increased from 80km to 100-120km. And what's more exciting is, the price remains below €1000.

Outdoor entertaining and healthier commuting were more important than ever since the global COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, and Engwe EP-2 Pro 2022 makes a good balance between the two quite different usage scenarios. It only focuses on core functions, such as the braking system and suspension. That’s why it’s affordable and easy to handle. Both experienced cyclists and novices can enjoy the convenience and fun it brings.

Engwe EP-2 Pro 2022 features

  • 20 x 4”fat tire
  • 750W motor, 35km/h top speed
  • Lockable front fork suspension + hardtail
  • Removable 13Ah battery, 100-120km mileage
  • Front & rear mechanical disc brake
  • 31kg net weight, 150kg max. load
  • Foldable aluminium alloy frame
  • Shimano 7 variable speed

The longest mileage fat tire electric bike: Lankeleisi X3000 Plus

There are two versions of Lankeleisi X3000 plus, the one with a common front fork and the one with a double crown front fork. The double crown front fork raised the price to a little more than 1500, so what we introduce here is the ordinary front fork version of Lankeleisi X3000 plus. Lankeleisi X3000 plus’s purpose is more inclined to off-road mountain bikes, that’s why it is equipped with a relatively advanced suspension and braking system in the fat tire e-bikes at this price: full suspension and dual hydraulic braking. With a 17.5Ah battery and 120km mileage, Lankeleisi X3000 Plus has the longest mileage in this fat tire e-bike under €1500 list. The 1000W motor and 75Nm torque make it powerful enough to climb 35° slopes, you can explore the steep and bumpy mountains which are hard to reach when riding an ordinary bicycle.

Lankeleisi X3000 plus features

  • 20 x 4”fat tire
  • 1000W motor, 40km/h top speed
  • Full suspension
  • Removable 17.5Ah battery, 120km mileage
  • Front & rear hydraulic brake
  • 30kg net weight, 150kg max. load
  • Foldable aluminium alloy frame
  • Shimano 7 variable speed

The 27-speed fat tire e-bike: Bezior X1000

When most fat tire electric bicycles are equipped with Shimano 7 speed lever, Bezior decides to go a step further and launched Bezior X1000, the e-fat bike with 27 variable speeds. Equipped with a Shimano 9 speed lever and crank 3-level chaining, Bezior X1000 can bring you the great pleasure of riding. Bezior X1000 has cool 26-inch fat tires, which look pretty big. So it’s not recommended for riders under 170cm. The aluminium alloy frame is quite strong and with a rugged design, the maximum bearing capacity reaches as heavy as 200kg. The front and rear hydraulic brakes are more efficient compared to mechanical disc brakes, this is particularly important when you are carrying a heavy load. If you are a cross-country cyclist or often go camping by electric bicycle, Bezior X1000 is the ideal choice for you.

Bezior X1000 features

  • 26 x 4”fat tire
  • 1000W motor, 40km/h top speed
  • Full suspension
  • Removable 12.8Ah battery, 100km mileage
  • Front & rear hydraulic brake
  • 5kg net weight, 200kg max. Load
  • Foldable aluminium alloy frame
  • Shimano 27 variable speed

The most powerful fat tire e-bike: Gunai MX02S

Gunai MX02S is equipped with a 1000W motor with 95Nm maximum torque. It can climb a 35° slope despite the net weight being 32kg. Fat tires are normally heavier, so a lot of people prefer not to fold them. Gunai MX02S can not be folded, so its appearance looks more concise and smooth. That’s why Gunai MX02S is quite popular among fat tire e-bike enthusiasts. The Shimano 21 speed helps you enjoy the riding fun and the dual hydraulic brakes ensure your safety when you can ride at the top speed of 40km/h.

Gunai MX02S features

  • 26 x 4”fat tire
  • 1000W motor, 40km/h top speed
  • Front fork suspension
  • Removable 17Ah battery, 75km mileage
  • Front & rear hydraulic brake
  • 32kg net weight, 150kg max. load
  • Shimano 21 variable speed

The step-through fat tire electric bicycle: Cmacewheel Y20

Step-through electric bikes have lower frames, so they are ideal for women and senior riders. In most people's impression, the fat tire bicycle is very large and bulky, which is not suitable for people with a height of less than 160cm and inflexible joints. In fact, this is not true. You will find it very easy to handle if you bought a step-through fat tire just like Cmacewheel Y20. Cmacewheel Y20 is an electric bicycle suitable for the whole family. The strong frame can easily bear the storage basket or trailer installed on your bicycle. Senior riders can ride it and get just enough exercise without adding extra burdens to their knees and hips. More than that, The Cmacewheel Y20 is an ebike with elegant and sleek design. It has a compact size and all wires are hidden in the frame. The 20-inch fat tires are sturdy and resilient enough to tread all road conditions like snow, roads, beaches, and even mountains.

Cmacewheel Y20 has two versions, the one with the spoke wheels and the one with the integrated wheels. Both of them have the same features, the only difference is the wheel type.

If you want to know more about step-through e-bikes, please read this article

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Cmacewheel Y20 features

  • 20 x 4”fat tire
  • 750W motor, 45km/h top speed
  • Lockable front fork suspension
  • Removable 15Ah battery, 100km mileage
  • Front & rear disc brake
  • 6kg net weight, 200kg max. Load
  • 5 gears variable speed

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